Capture, Prioritize, and Solve Support Tickets With Ease

Organize all your conversations into a single place so your team can help customers faster and with more context.

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Focus on the Customer, Not the Process

Relay automatically converts every conversation into a ticket. There’s no need to switch between tools or products. No matter what channel the customer uses to contact you, the agent is always provided with a consistent ticket, allowing him or her to focus on helping the customer and not on tracking data.

Stay Organized With a Smart Inbox

The Smart Inbox brings all your customer conversations from all channels into a single organized and prioritized queue for easy management.

Work as a Team

A unified team-based queue makes it easy to see all conversations in one place.

Focus on What’s Important

Relay intelligently organizes conversations by channel and priority to show your agents what needs attention next.

Keep an Eye on SLAs

Visual colored counters on tickets highlight conversations that need attention.

Easily Manage Workflows

Claim, watch, or assign tickets to teams or agents right from the ticket card.

Ticketing Software Single Queue

Simple Yet Detailed Tickets

Ticketing Software Changing Channels


One Conversation, Every Channel

Interact with your customers the same way no matter what channel it comes from.

Talk Publically or Behind the Scenes

Freely move between public and private conversations within a ticket.

Be Social When You Work

Use @mentions to collaborate with team members within the chat.

Ticket Details

View Complete Customer History

See details from every historical conversation to increase context and provide a more personal experience.

Understand Your Customers Better

See what technology they use, which vendors they work with, and view their social profiles with a single click.

Add Detailed Tags and Notes

Add names, tags, notes, and more to tickets to track, organize, and review interactions.

Relay Ticket Details Screen

What Else Can Relay Tickets Do?

Conversation Transcripts

A copy of every conversation is transposed to pdf and saved on the ticket for easy review.


Get notified within Relay when something requires your attention.

Activity Log

View every agent and system activity on the ticket in a simple timeline for complete context.


Diagnostic checklists guide agents to ask the right question and capture important information.

Shipment Tracking

Automatically track packages and get notifications when they arrive.


Track time to response and time to solve on dashboards for easy SLA management.

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