Network and Technology Monitoring to Deliver Proactive Support

Relay Sense is a comprehensive solution to discover, monitor and proactively support business networks and connected devices in real time.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Technology Support

Sense is packed with the tools you need to keep your customers’ networks and technology safe and online. Create life-long advocates with proactive support by helping customers before they realize they have a problem.

Create Lifelong Customers

Provide proactive support to ensure your customers stay online 24/7.

Reduce Troubleshooting Time

Remove time-consuming guesswork from technical support with detailed insight into all devices.

Know Your Customers

Get a holistic view of their entire IT footprint to understand what they need.

How Does Sense Work?

Sense connects to the router and passively monitors all devices on the network. Tickets can be created in Relay and proactively notifications can be shared with customers via Connect.

Network Mapping

Device Monitoring

WiFi Scans

Speed Tests


Ticket Creation

Relay Sense Network and Device Monitoring

Detection & Labeling

Truly Plug & Play

Just plug the device into the router and the rest is done automatically.

Automatically Create Network Maps

Sense identifies and labels all devices on the network so you don’t have to.

Easily Customize Each Technology Footprint

Set the importance of each device with critical tags to manage notifications.

Network and Device Monitoring Network Map Editing
Technology Monitoring Health Checks

Technology Monitoring

Receive Updates in Real Time

Automatically conduct network health checks every 5 minutes and capture data on your dashboards.

Perform Comprehensive Tests

Sense pings all IP devices, conducts speed tests, checks channel congestion, identifies bandwidth hogs and much more.

Provide Proactive Support

Identify problems before they happen to keep your customers operating at peak performance.

Dashboards & Alerts

Get the Big Picture or Minute Details

Access dashboards for each individual location or see it all from a global view.

Easily Track Customer Network Health

Each location has a specific network health score calculated from key speed and quality metrics.

Be Proactive with Your Support

Automatically create tickets and/or alerts based on customizable device settings so you can fix the issue before it becomes a problem.

Network Monitoring Dashboard & Alerts
Technology Monitoring Security


Built With a Security-First Mindset

We take security seriously. Sense is built to be 100% secure for you and your customers.

Not Accessible By Outside Sources

Sense is a passive device and doesn’t depend on or listen to any inbound communication from the internet.

Keeps Clear of Secure Data and Systems

Sense uses basic networking protocols to anonymously perform monitoring tasks.

Sense Comes in Three Flavors


Network and technology monitoring, auto ticket creation, proactive notifications, dashboards and more.


Everything in Sense, with the added ability to run custom scripts to proactively make changes to specific devices.


PCI compliance tracking and automated SAQ forms.

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Need help with 24/7 technology monitoring coverage? Check out Relay’s Expert Network.

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Better Customer Experiences Stem from Proactive Support

What if you could support your customers before they asked for help – or even prevent their problems from occurring in the first place? In this guide, we explore how to use technology & network monitoring to inspire lifelong customer loyalty.

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Deploy Sense However You Want

Sense Box

A simple raspberry pi with the Sense agent flashed on it. Shipped pre-configured and ready to go.


Flash Sense onto a router of your choice to get all the benefits without the extra hardware.

Smart Terminals

Sense is pre-built onto a number of smart terminals for the simplest deployment.

Embed The Code

Easily embed the simple code snippet on any network-connected device you sell.

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