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Create and share public and private knowledge in a way that scales with your business.

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Answers Are Best in Bite-Sized Chunks

Your customers don’t want to search through online documents to find answers. Today’s on-demand culture means that customers expect answers fast and with little effort. Relay helps you distill your knowledge into concise bits and deliver answers conversationally when your customers need them.

Answers Delivered at the Speed of Conversation

Don’t answer a question with a link. Answer a question with an answer. Relay uses a conversational knowledge interface to deliver answers – the way answers should be given.

Relay Modern Knowledge Base
Public and Private Knowledge Chat Rooms

Right Knowledge, Right Person

Internal Knowledge

Reduce the time and cost of training and create service consistency with easy access to your entire knowledge base via team-based chat rooms.

Public Knowledge

Select what knowledge is public for your customers and make it available for self-service.

Easy to Create and Maintain

No Coding Required

User-friendly interface to add, edit or delete knowledge.

User Permissions for Manager Access

Grant access to certain team members to add or edit for version control.

Relay Modern Knowledge Base

Measure and Improve

Usage Tracking

Track engagement with each topic to identify support trends and areas for improvement.

Response Feedback

Ratings from each conversation are captured to ensure knowledge quality.

Ticket Resolution

Track tickets that are automatically resolved by your knowledge to measure automation.

Relay Knowledge Library

The only thing better than a great knowledge base that you built is one that you don’t have to build or maintain. Use existing industry knowledge bases without any setup work.

A La Carte

Browse and pick the knowledge you want to use.

Public or Private

Use chatbots for customer support, internally for agents, or both.

Curated by Experts

Created from millions of support interactions and continually updated.

No Training Required

Want to make an update? Just let the bot know and it will get updated.

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