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Don’t just look at your data to measure and understand your customer experience, use it to improve your business.

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Powerful Data to Drive Improvements

Data is only valuable if you do something with it. Relay Insights makes it easy to take action with comprehensive pre-built dashboards for your agents, customers, and operations.

Team Performance

Ensure your team is efficient and successful with easy performance reporting.

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Customer Experience

Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers to always be one step ahead.

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Operational Excellence

Identify and improve processes from data-based insights.

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Track Team Performance

Ensure Consistent Utilization

Make sure each agent is contributing to the team with volume and support time analytics.

Uncover Process and Knowledge Gaps

Break down response and resolution times by agent and across teams to fix process or knowledge gaps.

Track and Improve Quality

Review feedback and ratings by agent to ensure consistent team quality.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Sort all issues by tags to uncover where agents excel and where they fall short.

Relay Insights Team Performance Metrics
Relay Insights Customer Insights Reporting and Analytics

Better Understand Your Customers

Preempt Customer Churn

Identify at-risk customers based on ticket frequency, ratings, feedback, and more.

Receive True Voice of Customer

With ratings and feedback built into each interaction, you get a holistic picture of your customer happiness.

Understand Customers’ Channel Preference

Promote your customers’ favorite channels to increase engagement and satisfaction.

Drive Operational Improvements

Staff More Efficiently

With ticket heatmaps, you can see your busiest times by day of week and hour of day and predict future staffing needs.

Drive More Automation

Track, analyze and improve chatbot interactions to increase self-service and automated responses.

Identify Bottlenecks For Improvements

Track tickets by type, category, and technology to uncover trends that can be addressed.

Focus on Channel Efficiency

Sort data by each communication channel to find the ones you should promote.

Industry Benchmarks

Relay provides an easy way to anonymously measure your support performance against your peers to uncover areas for improvements.

Customer Satisfaction

Channel Mix

Average Resolution Time

Send Your Data Anywhere

CSV Export

Export anything to your trusted friend, Excel.


Send any data to any system for anything you need.

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