Modern Field Service Management Software

Powerful and efficient enterprise field service management tools for operators and agents.

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More Powerful, More Efficient

Use modern field service management software to deliver complete job visibility, detailed knowledge guides and streamlined communications for maximum productivity. Provide the tools needed to execute with consistent service quality, every time.

More Efficient Job Management

Dispatch more jobs with fewer project managers by leveraging automated workflows and built-in intelligence.

Increase Field Agent Productivity

 Whether on the job or between them, your field agents can get more done with better tools.

Increase CSAT

Delight your customers with better communications, easy payment options, and more consistent job quality.

Streamline Job Management

Everything in One Place

Easily create, manage and complete all your jobs from a single dashboard.

Understand Your Field Agents

Monitor agent performance through completed checklists, images of work, live video communications, and customer ratings.

Always Be in the Loop

Organized chat conversations, automated notifications, and real-time video chats allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of all your jobs.

Relay Field Services Management
See all your jobs in one place for easy oversight and management.
Capture comprehensive details for each job and keep accurate records for future analytics.
Tap one button to launch a video chat with your field service agents for check-ins and visual inspections.
Get all your job updates in one place for simple oversight.
Chat directly with your field service agents in the same place your updates are sent. Chats go directly to the Toolbox app.
Relay Intelligent Scheduling

Schedule More Efficiently

Intelligently Match Agents to Jobs

Relay uses machine learning to identify patterns and ensure the right agent is assigned to each job.

Consider More Variables with Less Work

Automatically compare availability, distance, experience, ratings, certifications and other factors when choosing an agent.

Retain Complete Control

Press one button to have the system schedule for you or manually assign each job.

Automate Communications

Keep All Parties Updated

Notifications automatically update your agent, customer, and internal office so everyone has the latest information.

Customize Messages When Needed

Send ad-hoc messages to the agent or the customer right from within the ticket.

Communicate Across Channels

Send messages through chat, email or text message with ease.

Relay Dispatch Automated Communications
Relay Toolbox Mobile Job Management

Mobile Job Management

Empower Your Field Agents

Toolbox is an application for agents in the field to manage all aspects of their day on the go.

Increase Quality, Consistency, and Speed

Toolbox is packed with features like job acceptance, scheduling, driving directions, checklists, guides, documentation, invoicing, payments, offline mode and everything else they need to get jobs done fast.

Work Across Any Platform

Toolbox is available on iOS, Android and web so agents can get work done wherever they are.

Integrated to the Relay Network

Use your private workforce first. If all of your direct workers are busy, you can leverage service providers in the Relay Expert Network to quickly complete jobs or fill coverage gaps.

Relay Dispatch Expert Network Coverage Map

An Intelligent Platform for Field Service Management

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