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Collaboration For a Connected World

Agents often need input or actions from other teams – internally or in separate organizations – to resolve a ticket. However, without shared visibility of a single ticket, all context is lost and time is wasted in back-and-forth communication. Resolutions become delayed and service quality suffers. Relay brings teams together for a better collaborative support experience.

Contextual Conversations

Always Have All Required Background

Each ticket has conversations built in so you always have the complete context of the customer and initial question.

Talk Publicly or Privately

Each conversation has a public and private conversation so you can work behind-the-scenes when needed.

Easily Share the Conversation

A simple @mention notifies the right person to join the conversation.

Relay Ticket Details Screen
Support Collaboration Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership

Quickly Assign or Collaborate

Share a ticket with a specific person or entire Team with a single click.

Retain Visibility Through Resolution

A single ticket ensures context for everyone involved to increase speed and quality of resolution.

Share the Workload For Better Teamwork

Create sub-tickets and assign them away to work in parallel on a single ticket.

See Who’s Involved

When you need to work with partners and vendors, you get a visual support graph of everyone involved.

Relay Support Graph - Expert Network

Team Rooms

Across your team, there’s a range of topics people need to communicate about. Team Rooms give everyone a way to organize all their conversations while making sure the right people are involved – whether they work for your organization or not. A team room can be created for a team, project, topic or anything else.

Simplify Communications

Stop replying ALL and use @mentions and team-based chats from one place.

Quickly Create or Delete Team Rooms

Create Team Rooms on the fly for quick conversations or long-term engagements.

Talk Face-to-Face When Needed

Start a multi-party video chat with a single click right from the conversation window.

Collaborate with Team Chat Rooms

See Who’s Already Here

Join over 600 teams that already use Relay to collaborate on support.

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