Customer Service Chatbots: Your New Digital Assistants

Scale personalized support with conversational automation embedded where you work.

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Your Digital Teammates That Help You Work

Even the best-laid support strategy is vulnerable to human limitation. Agents and technicians can only respond to so many requests in a given day. But that is changing. World-class support teams now rely on a mix of human interaction and computer-powered support via chatbots to provide exceptional services to customers. This combination leads to truly outstanding results – improved service, lower costs and a better customer experience.

Faster Responses & Resolutions

Provide answers faster than humanly possible with immediate access to unlimited knowledge. Faster help means happier customers.

Increased Team Efficiency

Automate the easy and repetitive questions that take up time and focus your team on the high-value interactions that only people can handle. Your employees become the escalation point rather than the first responder.

Consistency at Scale

Get the right answers to the right people at the right time with intelligence bots. Minimize human error and deliver consistent and repeatable experiences, even during peak demand periods.

Help Customers and Help Yourself

Digital Self-Service for Your Customers

Chatbots can talk directly to your customers to quickly answer everyday questions so your agents can focus on the complex issues.

Real-Time Knowledge Base for Your Agents

Agents can access chatbots privately to quickly get answers behind the scenes.

Chatbots Public and Private Knowledge

Different Chatbots for Different Purposes

Relay has three types of bots. Concierge, Knowledge, and Melody. They each play an important role in getting the best answers to your customers or agents fast.

Relay Concierge Chatbot


Your personalized assistant that welcomes customers to a conversation and helps them quickly get the answers they need. Concierge is completely customizable and is your team’s best friend to help get work done, fast.

Relay Knowledge Chatbot


Think of Knowledge chatbots as micro knowledge bases that deliver fast and concise answers right when you need them. These are technology or category-specific bots that can be accessed through Relay or brought directly into a customer conversation by your Concierge.

Relay Melody Chatbot


Internal-only bots that can be built and edited on the fly by any team member. Talk to Melody bots with a #mention and add/edit answers with a click.

Relay Chatbot Interactions

Our Chatbots Have a Growing List of Skills

Welcome Your Customers

Customize your welcome message based on countless variables.

Suggest Answers

Bring in a Knowledge bot that can answer a specific question.

Intelligent Routing

Based on your conversation, Concierge gets your customers to the right agent.

Collect Contact Information

Ask visitors for specific information for authentication or follow up.

Collect Feedback

Capture positive and negative feedback so you can improve.

Team Availability

Your Concierge knows you’re not available and responds accordingly.

Schedule Follow Ups

Schedule future conversations within the conversation.

Lookup & Update Data

Concierge looks up information in Relay (and via API) to share or update.

Close Tickets

Conversations that get answered never need to reach your team.

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Access a Knowledge Library of Pre-Built Chatbots

Create your own chatbots or tap into pre-built Knowledge Bots that have been expertly curated from years of support interactions. You’ll never have to build or maintain a knowledge base again.

AI, Bots & Automation eBook Cover

eBook: How Technology Can Turn Your Agents Into Superheros

The hyperconnected, technology-driven age we live in has led to a shift in customer demands. People insist on and expect accelerated service while simultaneously increasing quality. By integrating AI, bots & automation into your customer support strategy, you can provide your team with the right tools and technology to drive customer satisfaction forward while solidifying loyalty.

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What Makes Our Chatbots So Helpful?


Relay’s chatbots enjoy the scalability of machine learning while giving teams the added control of programmed workflows.

Our Chatbots are powered by the Relay Technology Index, which provides insights from millions of support interactions into your everyday conversations.


Bots analyze historical conversations, conversation tags, notes, knowledge bases and much more to add context to interactions.

You benefit from industry-wide models applied to your specific customer profiles.

Easy to Get Started

Build Your Own

Use our user-friendly interface to build your own chatbots.

Use Pre-Built

Leverage a library of pre-built bots to get started immediately.

We Build it For You

Relay has experts that will design, build and maintain your perfect bot.

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