Relay Release Notes: March 2019

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Release date: 3/7/2019 10pm PST.

This month, we focused on enhancing existing features to create more streamlined and enjoyable experiences. We improved the knowledge base, website chat, proactive technology monitoring, and a lot more. As always, we also fixed miscellaneous bugs to enhance usability.

Read the full release notes below for more information about the updates and how to use them.

Relay Knowledge Base

We focused this sprint on incorporating the feedback that we received to further improve the user experience. The following updates were made to the Knowledge Base (KB):

Advanced image functionality: added the ability to easily insert, resize, and edit KB article images and GIFs.

Ability to add a browser tab icon (favicon) to your KB pages: you can now display your brand logo in the tabs of all your KB pages, configured in KB settings.

Text editor updates:

  • Updated the Accordion and Tab functions to be more user-friendly.  
  • Updated the text editor toolbar so it remains sticky at the top of the screen instead of scrolling out of view. This makes formatting more efficient.

Technology Index integration:

  • You can now tag related technologies on articles and they will create hyperlinks on the article to enable your Customers to do a quick search for articles related that specific technology.


  • You and your Customers now have the ability to filter the KB search results by specific technologies if applicable. 


Relay Proactive (formerly Sense)

Read an overview of Relay Proactive functionality here.

We relocated the configuration options related to all of the device scans. You can access the various scans and checks from the Relay Proactive device at each Customer Location. To do this, open up a Customer Location and open the Relay Proactive device. Click on the Technology icon on the left navigation bar and then click on the Checks icon to view and customize the settings for that Location.

Wifi Scan – From the checks page, open Wifi Scan. This will open up a modal which can be used to configure the scan status output. The user can set the threshold values for the results of the Scan on this screen.

Cloud Connectivity Scan – upon clicking the Cloud connectivity Scan, the user can set up threshold values for the LAN and WAN packet loss and round trip times. All the scans also have the ability to be muted if a location does not want to be notified of the changes.

ISP Speed Test – Thresholds on the speed test can be configured for all routers (Open a device where Technology Type = Router). The results of the speed test can be used to indicate the health of the router.

We also fixed a handful of small issues with Relay Proactive:

  • Fixed an issue where Monitored devices in critical state were not always creating Issues automatically.
  • Fixed the “Missing Device Type Exceptions” error thrown by ScanCheck.
  • Removed temperature alert adapter from Relay Proactive.


webConnect (web chat)

The following updates were made on the webConnect interface to improve usability:

  • Fixed Bot message formatting in webConnect to match style within Relay.
  • Updated error messages to be more user friendly.
  • Fixed an issue where URLs sent from Relay to webConnect were not clickable in webConnect.
  • Fixed an issue where numeric characters sent from webConnect did not show up in the Relay Issue Public Chat.
  • Fixed an issue with scrollbars appearing on webConnect on Chrome and Firefox in certain instances.


Miscellaneous Relay Updates and Fixes

  • Added Issues with phone source to the Mine queue.
  • Added a #mention for Teams collaborating on an Issue to send out group notifications in Relay
  • Added ability to add images to the notes fields on an Issue
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to save Kanban views.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to search for and select the 2nd item in all Relay tag fields.
  • Fixed an issue where chat messages from Relay Users were periodically not saved in the chat history.
  • Fixed an issue where the Relay Users with IDs that were all numeric received errors when Issues were assigned to them.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a new Issue from the Issue Add screen defaulted the Owner User to “Me” even when the Owner Team was changed to another Team the User was not part of.
  • Fixed an issue to make Checklist reports functional again.
  • Fixed a UI bug on the availability icon near the user avatar.
  • Fixed an issue where the Issue Type of Issues created by Relay Proactive was showing up as blank.
  • Fixed an issue where a cloned bot referred to the old bot’s unique identifiers.
  • Improved the design and usability of the “Show Site History” section to show agents more relevant historical information.  
  • Added the ability to copy paste text from email modal and Issue log.

  • Added free-text, comma-delimited Email field for sending customer feedback surveys from the Issue Resolution screen.