Introducing the Relay Knowledge Ecosystem: Knowledge Sharing Fueled by AI

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Introducing the Relay Knowledge Ecosystem: Knowledge sharing fueled by AI

When it Comes to Providing Service and Support, Knowledge is King

One of the most significant challenges for those trying to offer service and support is being able to relay the proper internal knowledge to customers who need it promptly. As organizations and their product and service offerings grow, the amount of support-related information continuously expands. As this scope of knowledge and information broadens the gap between a tenured, experienced support agent and a new hire grows tremendously.

AI-powered automation can help bridge this gap and make all of your organization’s support and service-related knowledge accessible to your customers at the click of a button. We created the Relay Knowledge Ecosystem to provide the knowledge organization and automation needed to take your support or service offering to the next level.

What is the Relay Knowledge Ecosystem?

The Relay Knowledge Ecosystem brings your organization’s knowledge to your customers through chatbots and knowledge base articles that are fueled by artificial intelligence (AI). Getting onboard and using the Relay Knowledge Ecosystem is a breeze too as in many cases we can import your organization’s existing knowledge base (if you have one) and make it immediately accessible via chatbots and a visual search bar embedded on a landing page with customizable branding.

Don’t worry about building bots. We’ve fully automated that process with the Relay software. Now your organization can merely focus on creating a vast knowledge base while knowing that it will be accessible via chatbots and a search bar presentation similar to the Google experience we all know and love. Talk about killing two birds with one stone…

Creating KB Articles in Relay is a breeze!

The Relay Knowledge Base & Search Bar. Your Organization’s Personal Google Engine

When it comes to searching and accessing internal knowledge, it’s tough to beat the concept of a Google-esque search bar. Unlike a chatbot, a search engine is tailored to display a bevy of relevant search results thus increasing the likelihood that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

While chatbots are an ideal solution for displaying knowledge to external customers, your organization’s internal employees may prefer to find and access knowledge via a search bar since they will likely have the insight needed to weed through a selection of search results. Your customers probably won’t have that same insight, and therefore a conversational approach via chatbots is more likely to provide success.

Relay Knowledge Bases come with a search bar allowing internal agents to easily find and access relevant knowledge and information.

Deliver Your Knowledge to Your Customers via Chatbots

While a traditional search bar approach works great for your internal team, it often requires context and insights for success that your customers don’t have. When delivering your organization’s knowledge to customers, chatbots are the way to go.

The Relay Bots can deliver your Knowledge Base content to your customers via user-friendly conversations.The Relay platform uses proprietary AI and Machine Learning (ML) powered search algorithms that can deliver the same piece of content to your internal team via the Google-like search bar we just highlighted and/or your external customers via the Relay Bots. Just create your piece of knowledge content once, and decide whether it’s searchable via the search bar, chatbots, or both. With the Relay Knowledge Ecosystems, we’re already making manual chatbot creation a thing of the past.

So What’s Next?

If you aren’t currently using knowledge bases and chatbots towards the goal of being able to provide better service and support, then you’re running the risk of falling well behind the competition. Start doing your research and find out whether or not a chatbot and/or knowledge base aligns with the focus of you or your organization. For tips on determining the best chatbot platform for your needs check out one of our previous posts on the subject.

We would love to give you a demo to show you just how powerful our native chatbots are when combined with the Relay intelligent support platform. Schedule a demo, and we’ll help you transform your support and service operations and take your organization to new heights.

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