Product Update: Advanced Chatbot Analytics for Bot Builders

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Product Update: Advanced Chatbot Analytics for Bot Builders

Chatbot analytics are a necessity, not a luxury

The importance of chatbot analytics can’t be overstated when it comes to the overall success of your chatbot. Without proper analytics, it will be nearly impossible find the faults in your chatbot design and adjust accordingly. Designing chatbots is hard enough given the relevant uncertainty in regards to how users will actually use the chatbot, don’t make things even more challenging by not utilizing chatbot analytics.

We recently gave the Relay Chatbots a boost by implementing advanced chatbot analytics that will allow chatbot builders on the Relay platform to better analyze the performance of their chatbots.

The Performance Grid: Learn how your chatbot is doing in real-time

The Relay Chatbots’ Performance Grid gives you real-time, in-depth chatbot analytics allowing you to properly assess the performance of your chatbots individually. This grid displays each individual interaction (back-and-forth) between a user and the chatbot.

You can easily analyze which user inputs are triggering which questions which is valuable insight needed to identify knowledge gaps or chatbot answers that have poor keyword setup. The grid even displays the % Match (confidence score out of 100) which allows bot builders to get into the heads of the chatbot and learn why it is performing in a certain manner.

When a user arrives at a chatbot answer via a button-click, the name of that response button will display in the User Input column in brackets allowing you identify whether users are arriving at certain points in the conversation via text-based or button-based inputs with ease. If a user provides a positive or negative rating for a given chatbot response via a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, then that will be displayed in the Rating column of the performance grid.

You can quickly sort and filter this entire grid in real-time to create dynamic views that will enable you to analyze virtually every aspect of the chatbot’s performance from one easy-to-use grid.

The Relay Chatbots' Performance Grid gives you access into real-time chatbot analytics.

The Issues Resolved Grid: Find out how your chatbot is impacting ticket resolution

The Relay intelligent support platform is designed to optimize the resolution of support and customer service tickets and the Relay Chatbots are an integral part of this process. With the Issues Resolved Grid, you can see every instance in which a particular chatbot was brought into a support conversation with one of your customers and its impact on the ticket’s resolution.

In the Resolution column, you can see will see one of two values, Semi-Automatic or Automatic. Automatic indicates that no human intervention was needed and therefore, the chatbot was able to completely automate the resolution of that customer’s ticket. Semi-Automatic indicates that the chatbot helped the customer, but ultimately a human had to jump in to resolve the ticket.

This grid also shows you the last topic or answer that the chatbot provided to the customer in the Topic column. This is helpful in identifying which chatbot answers are leading to resolution and an Automatic value in the Resolution column and likewise the chatbot answers that are resulting in the need for human intervention and a value of Semi-Automatic in the Resolution column.


The Issues Resolved grid allows Bot Builders to access chatbot analytics regarding how a chatbot is performing when trying to resolve your customers' issues.

If there’s a particular ticket that the chatbot was involved in that you would like to take a deeper dive into, you can easily do so by viewing a PDF transcript of the entire conversation by clicking the Download PDF link in the Issue Transcript column.

When it comes to providing superior user experiences through chat, the Relay Chatbots are undoubtedly on the cutting-edge.

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