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Why We’re Here

Founded in 2013, Relay has been built with the knowledge and experience we gained from years of providing technology support ourselves. As the world becomes increasingly technology-driven and businesses adopt more complex and interconnected systems, traditional siloed support tools are falling short. We are enabling teams to work together across organizational walls to solve problems fast. We’re focused on using data and modern intelligence in every application to empower teams to work smarter and not harder to deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale.

Our Guiding Principles

Everything we do is guided by our principles. From development to marketing to support. These principles create an important tension that helps us to deliver better products and services.


Easy to use, easy to understand


Smart, proactive, efficient, automated


Human, friendly, flexible

Our Company

2 offices – Tiburon, CA and Scottsdale, AZ

4 languages – Relay is available in English, Spanish, Japanese, and French

>70 employees – Across the US, Canada, Germany

>200,000 businesses – Across the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia

>250,000 technologies – indexed and supported

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